BRAD KOTOWICH – President, Principal
Having founded Focused Leadership Group Ltd. in 2004, Brad is now a highly sought after, and uniquely engaging speaker, coach and facilitator who has a passion and appreciation for the power of people. 

To Contact Brad
Phone: 780.983.4965

Brad’s Purpose and Focus

  • To help create leadership, culture and strategic sustainability results for organizations and their leaders.

Brad’s Areas of Expertise

  • Organizational and individual leadership training/coaching with companies across all sectors/sizes
  • Strategic planning and corporate capacity building for business
  • Sustainability Planning with Non-profit organizations
  • Governance roles and limitations with Non-profit Board
  • Individual, team and organizational personality profiling (Tendencies: A Personality Perspective)
  • Accountability and Performance Measurement with a focus on purpose/outcomes
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Engaging and humorous professional development & conference speaker/facilitator
  • Organizational structure efficiencies, workforce classification, and overall health
  • Executive Leadership recruitment for existing clientele
  • Keynote speaking at conferences and professional development sessions
  • Ongoing organizational coaching/consultation

Brad’s Consulting Experience

  • 25+ years of experience consulting with organizations from all industries, sectors, and sizes
  • 25+ years of experience in leadership and organizational training and coaching
  • 25+ years as a professional speaker and facilitator of professional development workshops and conferences
  • Founded Focused Leadership Group Ltd. in 2004
  • Over 250 organizations and companies served


DARREN SINKE – Senior Associate
Darren is presently the CEO of a Seniors Housing Society, joining the Focused Leadership Group team on a part-time basis to help support organizational and leadership development. Darren possesses a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA).

To Contact Darren
Phone: 780.910.9356

Darren’s Purpose
To help non-profit organizations stay focused on their mission, effectively navigate their challenges, and to help them continue to grow and thrive.

Darren’s Areas of Expertise

  1. Organizational Health & Sustainability
    • Strategic Sustainability planning with Boards & Leadership Teams
    • Assess and support ongoing operations, create accountabilities, and measure performance
    • Governance roles & limitations for non-profit Boards
  2. Organizational Growth
    • Feasibility studies & financial viability assessments
    • Project design & development
    • Construction Management & Owner Representation
  3. Organizational Leadership
    • Interim ED/CEO management during times of transition
    • Coaching and Accountability for Leaders
    • Conflict Resolution


DR. JANICE MUENCH (Ed.D) – Senior Associate
Janice is the Founder and Principal of Focused Education Group Ltd. She is proud of her 25+ years of experience improving educational systems. She is an engaging and thought-provoking speaker and consultant who help schools and educational leaders enhance their approach create amazing learning environments.

To Contact Janice
Phone: 780.645.1428

Janice’s Purpose and Focus

  • Positioning students, educators, and organizations for enhanced outcomes
  • Igniting and fostering the collective responsibility for human growth
  • Creating conditions for thriving and finding your gifts
  • Leveraging staff and clients to reach their highest potential

Janice’s Areas of Expertise

  • Trauma Informed Care & At-Risk Youth Support
  • Educational Leadership and staff development
  • Understanding behavior to enhance collaborative learning environments
  • Creating collaborative cultures & collective efficacy
  • Learning and development
  • Team management & development
  • Culturally responsive teaching & learning
  • Preventing high school dropout & Improving graduation rates

Janice’s Experience

  • 25+ years effective & transformative educational leadership
  • 25+ years training and shifting school & organizational culture
  • 20+ years as a facilitator, public speaker, and trainer


CHANTEL BUTT – Senior Associate
Chantel is the CEO and Founder of Covalency Coaching & Consulting Ltd. which she founded in 2022. Chantel adds energy, intelligence, and a unique corporate perspective to the Focused Leadership Group team focusing on Change & Project management as well as Leadership assessment and development. Chantel is a Certified Executive Coach through Royal Roads University, a certified SuccessFinder consultant, and a Certified Change Management Professional.

To Contact Chantel
Phone: 780.984.2291

Chantel’s Purpose and Focus

  • To enable individuals to grow into the expanded version of themselves, align to their personal values, and fully embrace opportunities in a healthy way.
  • To guide enterprises through transformation with a focus on balancing results realization with an adoption approach that is mindful of the change cycle of employees.

Chantel’s Areas of Expertise

  • Professional and Executive coaching
  • Leadership assessment and development
  • Change management & project management
  • Learning and development
  • Operational team management & development
  • Organizational design and effectiveness
  • Strategic planning and regulatory management
  • Psychology and neuroscience

Chantel’s Experience

  • 25+ years progressive leadership experience with government and private industry
  • 15+ years planning and executing multi-year enterprise level change
  • 10+ years as a facilitator, public speaker, and coach


COLIN CAMPBELL – Senior Associate
Colin is a CPA by trade, and the financial wizard of the Focused Leadership Group team.    He is the President of CRC Financial Consultants Ltd. since 2017 and is passionate about the financial health of organizations.  

To Contact Colin
Phone: 780.292.5487
Email:   OR

Colin’s Purpose
To provide executive leaders and companies with the tools needed to understand both the financial opportunities and risks they face.

Colin’s Areas of Expertise

  • Financial reporting
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Financial performance metrics
  • Safeguarding assets
  • Processes and procedures
  • Financial leadership training & coaching

Colin’s Experience

  • 25+ years of financial leadership experience in both private and public companies
  • 5+ years of financial consulting to numerous organizations across several sectors